Events In Kedma Mamila

We believe in amazing events: our emphasis and investment in developing a unique product for events has paid off, our purpose and vision was to create a different events scene, a scene that will suit everyone and also keep each and every event unique at the same time

?How do we do that

All the events held by us take place on our private floor in the Mamilla Mall (yes, we have a private floor in the Mamilla Center). Without any need for too many words, you can clearly see that our private floor is composed of 5 main spaces; all of the spaces are dynamic and can be changed to suit each different production and event

The Lobby

The shared space that connects everything with harmony, our lobby at Kedma is unique and dynamic. The lobby is designed for big events and overlooks the old city, it has an elevator that leads to Mamilla ave, and more. Have we said prime location

The Front Porch

Facing the city walls, our indoor terrace features a designed bar, DJ stand, panoramic windows and outdoor porch, a true Wonder of the World, our terrace has starred in every place possible but it still remains unique, and the perfect location for events up to 170 people

Kedma Room

A magical and private room in the highest level, facing the walls. The room also has a small terrace, a multimedia system that includes a screen and a built-in sound system and it is the perfect solution for small events of up to 70 people

Jerusalem Room

Our Jerusalem room is perfect for private events, a real VIP room, with a unique terrace and design, and a multimedia system that includes a screen and a built-in sound system- in short, enjoy your privacy! The room is suitable for events with up to 90 people


Types Of Events In Kedma


Our abilities at Kedma to create events that your guests will never forget, our weddings were exciting, and we were excited at all of them, giving every wedding it’s unique touch

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

So close to the Western Wall, and with the authenticity of Jerusalem combined with the breathtaking view of Jerusalem, all create a perfect experience for your Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebration.
You will be able to enjoy your Bar/Bat Mitzvah with an indulgent meal and a special atmosphere in the heart of Mamilla


Had a baby? Mazal Tov!
Now all there is left to do is celebrate that in an event that your guests and family will enjoy very much, We’ll take care of the rest

Summer Events

Our summer terrace is without a doubt the best choice you can make, our summer is terrace suitable for big events and the biggest advantage is that you can design it however you may want


 Luxuriously designed events
Dreaming of an event like this

Business Events

We host Business events for companies and businesses.
We took part in the events for some of the biggest companies: Teva, Bezeq, Clalit, Jerusalem Municipality, Tel Aviv Municipality and more