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Welcome to Kedma Mamilla’s official site

!So glad you came

Welcome to the official website of Kedma Mamilla, a luxury events restaurant

For more than a decade, we’ve been hosting special boutique events, specializing in modern, fresh and meticulous food,in the heart of Mamilla avenue in Jerusalem


מסעדת קדמה ירושלים
הטרסה של קדמה ממילא

?What we do at Kedma

From governmental events to thousands of private events, including events for the most famous celebrities in the country who chose us for their special occasion

From the very first meeting, until the conclusion of the event, our team will accompany you throughout the events, cater to every need and take care of all of the small details

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Our uniqueness in Kedma

The terrace at Kedma

A back terrace for large events and productions, the open porch overlooks the walls of the Old City and Mamilla avenue. Suitable for large events and special summer occasions

Central Location

Our amazing location is only a 5 minute ride from the Western wall, where you can have the Tefillin laying ceremony, following a perfect meal at Kedma

Cocktails and Wine

We can provide a variety of bar services, including a cocktail and wine stand for your event. A variety of cocktails are on offer; clients may select their favorite choices from the list of cocktails . And the wine list? You can leave that to us

Private Rooms

Two VIP rooms that include advanced multimedia systems

Unique Weddings

We’ve hosted dozens if not hundreds of weddings; each wedding was a uniquely special event

A Private Level in the Heart of Mamilla Avenue

f you were thinking about coming to visit, we are located on the third floor of the indoor mall on Mamilla avenue

dynamic open space

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Who are we? and how can we produce the perfect event for you

So, it’s been a few years since the video was taken.

You’re probably thinking what changed – The outdoor porch is now an indoor one, with amazing panoramic windows facing the city walls 

נגן וידאו
קדמה אירועים בירושלים

Desserts created by our pastry chef, Tapas stands and a large selection that will leave your guests open-mouthed 

Kedma is the most refreshing option for unusual events, Kedma is the solution for unique and modern events


We Love our customers

Nothing can compare to hearing from the people who already chose us